6 Tile Fir Landscape Set

The fir landscape is available as individual tiles or a set. The complete set consists of 6 tiles. The six-tile set measures approximately 7" high by 29 1/2" wide (without gaps). You decide how many tiles you would like and which ones. The tiles are sculpted in relief to create a 3-D effect.

Tile number 6 is a linking tile that allows the set to join to itself and repeat the pattern. We also offer a new tile showing Yosemite Falls which replaces the moon tile in this series. There are several ways to arrange these tiles and you choose how to display them. You may insert grout lines between tiles which will increase the width.

The fir landscape tiles will be custom glazed to your specifications. Many color combinations are possible. We can alter the color of the sky, mountains and water.

Colors shown: The six tile set shows cream sky with field mouse brown hills and cascadia blue water. The foliage is pine green. The five tile set shows an antique green border and hills with butternut sky. Our four tile Yosemite Falls sample shows a blue-gray sky and field mouse brown hills. Two-tile examples show: pharsalia sky and pine green hills; buff sky with nutmeg hills; blue-gray sky with iron oxide hills; and sepia stain.

multiple colors: $375

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